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Book a free 15 minute discovery call with isabelle

Looking to build your brand as a writer, with the hopes of working up to a book?

I’d love to chat to you about online and offline presence for yourself as a writer. Ensuring you are presenting yourself as professional and an expert in your genre of writing can massively improve your chances of future publication. I prefer to do this in two 30 minute Zoom sessions: one to set your marketing goals and strategy (with resources) and one to evaluate how it is going and where you can continue to add value/set yourself new goals for visibility and perhaps get yourself booked for writer appearances! Each Zoom session is priced at £35 - let’s get you out there!

Mixed example book marketing and pr Plans:

To begin, a typical three month plan would first start with a marketing plan for your book to reach your target audience. This customer profile will include key words which can be used on product descriptions and hashtags for social media, relevant bloggers within the genre which I will contact to review your book and the creation of a press release highlighting the author, any interesting story which may surround them, and the work’s themes. We would also outline your book’s key selling points and look at upscaling your blurb to capture attention.

Is time an issue you’re facing when it comes to marketing your book(s)?
Upgrades I’d suggest for you –• Social media operation + £15 per week per social media account.

If your book is topical or you have a significant story as an author, we will be able to look at securing you newspaper and magazine coverage to boost your profile using my journalist contacts. If this is not a focus for your campaign, we will instead be looking at contacting literary journals, book bloggers and influencers across months one and two. I will also look at gaining you radio and podcast interview opportunities.

Festival organiser bookings are available if required. I have also organised book launch and signing events across the UK for clients.

In month three, any coverage gained will be promoted across my channels and the platform covering your book. Graphics will be created with key quotes and shared with yourself.

Progress of coverage lined up will be shared every month and all coverage links and key quotes will be shared at the end of the two month time period. Evaluation will be provided as to promotional progress and exposure.

So a typical three month mixed marketing and PR campaign for your book, including all of the above (inclusive of 12 weeks of operating a specific social media channel and enquiring with festival organisers as to author bookings) would be £900/six months £1,800. Payment plans and additional references are available on request.

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