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- Sharron Green, Poet

“Although I have been active on social media for a couple of years, Isabelle’s Author Branding course brought me up to date with each of the main platforms and encouraged me to try new tools and share the results. I now have more confidence and a network of supportive fellow alumni to grow with."

Beth Gordon, USA

"Isabelle was a delight to work with. She opened many doors for marketing my book that I would not have found on my own. Her efforts enhanced awareness of my work and directly led to me being invited to read at a  prestigious poetry event in my community."

Chris Campbell, UK

"Isabelle has been a fantastic support prior, during and in the first few months after the launch of my poetry collection. Her knowledge and connections are superb and she has been a wonderful help in organising open mics, reviews and interviews - all helping to boost book sales. I’d fully recommend her to any authors looking for support in promoting their work."

Anna Saunders, UK

"Isabelle was a joy to work with, incredibly proactive, extremely dedicated to literary P.R. Isabelle has developed an extensive network of media contacts all of whom she has excellent relationships with. Thanks to Isabelle I have been kept very busy taking part in interviews, podcasts, writing for commissioned features and keeping track of all the warm reviews and blog tour visits for my book. I very much look forward to working with Isabelle in the future, and would recommend her to any other writers who wish to enjoy extensive coverage for their work. "
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