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Blog Tours for fiction and poetry



Usually, publishers and authors book me for a tour two months before publication. Starting on publication day, the tour then provides a minimum of seven reviews and features, assisting with website SEO visibility on Google for your book and creating that all important excitement online. Each day, myself, the blogger, the publisher and the author share the review on our respective channels, ensuring a wide and often international audience.

I currently specialise in creative fiction blog tours. I can organise anything from a seven day tour up to a four week tour.

I work with publishers and directly with authors. I have a growing list of Blog Tour host bloggers - all are very active on Social Media; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I ensure that each book is matched with the appropriate bloggers and will co-ordinate the tour from beginning to end. All stops on the tours are shared on Social Media. Examples of previous Blog Tours can be supplied, along with testimonials and references from both publishers and authors.

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