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Create a Facebook Fan Page as an Author

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Reach Thousands of Passionate Readers on Facebook. Facebook may seem intimidating, but it offers an incredible opportunity to directly engage readers who love books as much as you do. In this comprehensive online course, learn how to: Strategically set up an Author Facebook Page that attracts your perfect audience (We will look at the demographics of Facebook, and how this data can help us understand how to reach the right readers for our genre or style of writing. I will talk you through how to set up your page, and the features available to you.) Post irresistible content that sparks conversation and community (We will also look at types of content you could post, so that your imagination may never run dry. With tips and tasks, as well as a Bingo Card for you to tick off throughout the next month, you'll feel motivated to create content around your writing and your books. Run promotions and events (We will look at adding events to your page - perhaps you will be attending an open mic night soon, and you want people to know about it, or perhaps you may be running a book launch!) Understand Facebook analytics to refine your approach (We will look at how to schedule content to take the pressure off throughout the weeks.) Establish yourself as an authority in your genre (Through interaction with fellow readers and writers using Facebook groups - after all, Facebook really is about being 'social'!) I'll walk you step-by-step through what’s working right now–with examples tailored specifically for authors. Discover how just a small time investment each week can yield huge dividends over the long-term. You’ll come away not only with an effective Facebook presence, but skills for engaging readers across all social platforms. Join the hundreds of authors who have already transformed their online platforms and take your author career to new heights! Plus you'll be able to contact Isabelle Kenyon with any questions you may have along the way!

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Create a Facebook Fan Page as an Author

Create a Facebook Fan Page as an Author

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